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The client software

The client software consists of the VAC configuration dialog as a Java applet. This applet will read a VAC Script file for that specific flash applet and then read its parameters. These parameters are stored in the SWF file itself. When the user presses the "Create Applet" button, the applet will post the generation information to a Java servlet. With the help of Dmity Skavish's JGenerator API, the servlet creates the SWF file and then responds to the applet. The applet then displays the effect on it's own window.

The server software

On the server side there is a servlet that accepts the applet's submission and creates a Flash SWF file on the user's personal folder, provided there is enough space. This servlet has been designed to interpret the parameters and fetch necessary files from the user's folder.

How the Anfy Flash system works.



Anibal Wainstein



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