Get a Commercial account

A Commercial Account will give you access to ALL of our Flash applets and JavaScript effects (currently 234). We will also provide a 10 MB workspace for you, in which you can create your applets and upload your own files. Now, you will be able to make full use of the options of the freeware applets too, such as using your own background images.

Please note: If you haven't tested the system yet using a freeware account, make sure to create one now for free!

The following applies to both 12 and 24 months account:

Get FULL access to 170 Flash applets and 64 JavaScript effects such as menus, web games, scrollers, slideshows, counters and much more! Take a look at them by browsing in the menu to the left.

Get a 10MB personal folder so that you can take full advantage of the applet's features.

Have access to many freeware fonts and the standard system fonts: Times Roman, Arial and Courier.

Put the applets that you create on any type or number of commercial or non-commercial webpages. Your applets will still work after the account expires.

The floating link button are removed.

Startup support lasting one month from date of purchase!

Our applets DO NOT expire when the commercial account expires, the applets on your web page and domain will still work!


We have two packages available for you:

A 24 month (two years) commercial account with access to all the Flash applets and 1 month support for just $59 USD

A 12 month (one year) commercial account with access to all the Flash applets and with 1 month support for just $39 USD.


AnfyFlash is an online service, no software must be downloaded or installed.

Click here to purchase and register for a commercial account!

(Don't you have a credit card? Or you don't want to enter your credit card details online? See the alternative payment options, click here!)

Important note : Anfy and AnfyFlash are different products, so anfy regcodes do not work in Anfy Flash. We do not give discounts for Anfy users. Also, note that Anfy Flash applets will run in any host or domain, they are not locked to specific sites as Anfy applets are.



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