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Looking for a web component for displaying your thumbnails? Then this applet is for you. It will display scrolling images. Users can navigate through your images by moving the mouse across the Flash applet.

The Background color

The background color will affect the side fading effect. Make sure you have the same background color as your homepage color. This achieves the best effect

Selecting Images and URLs

Make sure you have the same number of Images as you have URLs, when specifying images. Don't use images that are too big. Note that these images will be included into the SWF file, and it may swell to enormous proportions. Try modifying the compression setting to decrease the SWF file size. If you don't want to use an URL for an image, then leave that line empty.

Hand cursor

The hand cursor will be displayed for images containing links (without blank URL's) if you enable it. For the other images, the normal system arrow will be used.

Dead Center

This value in pixels, will set an area in the middle of the screen in which the images will not move in response to the mouse movements.

Initial and Mouse Scroller speed

By having a large number here, the scroller will increase the speed of the initial animation. It should be set to values between 0-300. Put 0 if you don't want to let the images move until the user navigates on the applet. The mouse scroller speed is for the navigation speed, values between 1-300 are recommended. You can also disable mouse interaction altogether.

Vertical or Horizontal mode

The scroller supports movement of images vertically or horizontally.

Side fading settings

The side fade width will set the width of the side fade effect, this must be larger than 10. You can disable this by unchecking the "use side fading" checkbox.

Highlightning Images

If the highlight feature is checked, then the image that is selected will be highlighted


Due to a limitation in Flash Player 5.0, you are limited to a maximum of 200 images in the Flash applet. More than that, and the applet will not work.

Other settings

There are other settings that are discussed on the following topics from the Anfy Flash documentation:

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Working with Check Boxes

Version history

1.7: Added support for the ActionScript LoadMovie() command, which means that the effect can now be inserted into Macromedia Flash FLA projects. You can now load other .swf files or disable the links by entering empty links. The mouse interaction can also now be disabled so that the scroller moves independently.

1.6 : A bug that made the mouse cursor flicker when the applet was located in a page and the mouse was moved across URL fields, was fixed.

1.5 : Added Vertical or Horizontal image movement capability. Added support for the ActionScript LoadMovie() command, which means that the effect can now be inserted into Macromedia Flash FLA projects. Fixed a bug related to Flash player 6 and 7 which made the initial speed setting unusable. Added support for highlightning the currently selected image.

1.2 : Removed requirement of links with images. Now link lines can be left blank. Hand cursor can be enabled for images with links, added better control for initial and navigation scroller speeds. Added dead center to halt the image movement.

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