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This customizable multilevel tree menu has many faces. You can let the menu items appear from many directions, this option alone will give you many different types of menus. It supports background images for both the applet and the menu items.

Adding menu items and URLs

It is very important that you read the section Working With Tree Fields in the VAC manual. This section tells you how to include the menu items and how to use the tree field.

The menu colors

You can set a varierity of colors in this menu. This menu works in two ways, you can either have a background image for all the menu items, or you can customize the existing menu item background which is built into the menu. The item background and border colors will be overridden if you specify a menu item background image. The item text and highlight colors are used for the two modes. The item highlight color is the color that the item text will change to when you move the mouse across a menu item. It will slowly change into that color depending on the fade speed setting. The applet's background color will be overridden if you specify a background image.

Level displacements, Item size and Animation speed

The vertical and horizontal level displacement are used to displace the subitems for the parent menu items, measured in pixels. The horizontaldisplacement is recommended to be set to above 40 pixels. The vertical displacement is not recommended to be set to higher than the menu item height. The menu item width and height are the dimensions of the menu items in pixels.
The animation speed parameter will not only affect the speed of the rotation effect, but also the speed of the color changing mouse over effect. Values between 5-20 are recommended. Put 100 to disable the effect and increase the menu speed.

The Movement Direction

You can set the movement for the menu items and thus get different kinds of menus. You can let the items appear from the top, bottom, right or from a random direction.

Background Images

You can specify a menu item background image and a background image for the applet. These settings will override the background colors that you may specify.

Clicking Sound Effect

If you have an MP3 file in your personal folder, you will be able to select it for the menu items. The sound will be played when the menu items are clicked. Leave this empty to disable this.

Arrow Control

You can disable the arrow and let it stand still with these two check boxes.


Due to a bug in Flash Player 5.0, you can have a maximum of 200 menu items in the Flash applet. More than that, and the applet will not work. Make sure you don't put too many menu items. Flash is slow and this is a very complicated menu, too many items will increase the applet's initialization time significantly.

Other settings

There are other settings that are discussed in the following topics from the Anfy Flash documentation:

Working With Tree Fields
The Flash Applet Size Parameters
URL Links and Frame Targets
Working With File Fields And File Lists
Working With Color Buttons
Compression Ratios for images
Working with fonts

Version history

1.2 : Fixed a serious bug which occurred when you had more than nine 1:st level menu items.
1.1 : Added sound effects support (when clicking on a menu item), better arrow control for the menu items and fixed bug when displaying menu items.


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