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This great menu will place your menu items around a circular slider. A custom description will appear at the center when you move your mouse across the items.

The Background color

The background color will be used as the background for the effect if no background image supplied. Otherwise background color will be used as the background only during the loading of the applet.


Two colors are provided for the text - the menu and the selection colors. By default, items are displayed with the menu color. If the mouse is rolled over an item, it's color changes to the selection color. Slider color might be set up separately. Description will appear in "selection" color.

Menu positioning

The slider will be resized to defined X and Y radius and it will be centered at the same time. Your menu items will be placed clockwise around an invisible circle with Item X and Item Y radius. Two-strings items are supported: if item text have a "_" character, it will be splitted to two vertical strings. No more than two strings are supported. (Example: "About us" will be displayed as one string and "About us_and our job" will be displayed as two strings: "About us" and "and our job").


For the main level items detailed descriptions are supported. Descriptions (messages) should be defined as separate page for each main level item. If item have sublevels description will be kept displayed for all sublevels of selected main level item.

Other settings

There are other settings that are discussed on the following topics from the Anfy Flash documentation:

Version history

create flash animations 1.1 : The circular shape on the menu was not completely circular. It was improved.


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