Manual > Working with Time Delays and Pauses

There are delays in almost every one of Anfy Flash's applets.

Flash applets

The frame delay or speed parameters are the delays between two animation frames. The pause parameters are usually the delays between appearing messages, images and sounds. This is measured in multiples of 83 milliseconds, unless the Flash applet's manual states otherwise. One thousand milliseconds is one second.

So, what does this mean? Compare this with your television. The image you see is replenished every 20 milliseconds, which is 50 frames per second (fps). However in web applets, you generally don't have to have more than a replenishing rate of 12 frames per second, which is 83 milliseconds.

Some applets just use milliseconds for the delays.

There are also other delays that are used in the Flash applets, but these will vary depending on the type of Flash applet and the effect it tries to create.


JavaScript Effects

JavaScript effects generally use milliseconds for the delays, unless the effect's manual states otherwise.













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