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When entering Text, URLs or Filenames in the VAC Configuration Dialog, you often use text components called Text Fields.

Flash applets having more than one type of item require you to enter the same number of items in the parameter field.

Example: Suppose you are configuring a font menu flash applet for your homepage. You have entered four menu text items in the Text Field. Therefore you must enter four URLs in the URL text field in the URL tab. But, if you, for example, enter two items in the menu text of the font menu applet, and just one URL, the VAC Configuration dialog will insert a second URL automatically for you in order to give the Flash applet the parameters it needs in order to work. However, the URL it inserts by default will probably not be one you want (it will be an empty URL).

More information about entering text or URLs, see the Working with text fields and Working with file fields and file lists.



















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