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There are two ways that you can insert files into your Flash applet or JavaScript effect with the VAC Configuration Dialog. The single line file field is usually used to specify a single parameter, while the file list is used to specify several parameters like menu items in menus, messages in scrollers, images etc.

The file insertion fields in the VAC Configuration Dialog.

To insert a file, just press on the "..." button on the right hand side of the field in which you want to insert a file or just write the filename directly into the field. If you use the former method, the field will extend itself and display a list of the files you have on your folder (or that are available for selecting), files under a folder will have the name of the folder followed with a slash "/":

The file insertion field with an extended file field in the VAC Configuration Dialog.

Select the item and press the "Sel" button to confirm the selection, press "Can" to cancel the selection. The number of items in this file list will also be matched against the number of items in other file lists and other text areas so that errors will not occur in the Flash applet.

NOTE : If you receive empty messages on message based Flash applets or JavaScript effects, then be sure to check that the number of text items and file names match. See Working with Text Fields for more information.

NOTE : The Anfy Flash System and Flash ONLY supports the following formats: *.jpg (JPEG), *.gif( Graphics Interchange Format), *.ttf (True Type Fonts) and *.mp3 sound files. JavaScript effects support any image format, but our effects are programmed to support only JPEG and GIF images, to ensure cross-browser compatibility.










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