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Freeware Users

Freeware users don't have their own file folders. When you create an applet pressing the "Create Applet" button, you will get a popup window with the effect and a small download link. Click on the download link to download the file.

Commercial Users

As a commercial user, you have your own folder where you can put your work files. Here you can put images, fonts and sounds. You can also create folders in which to put your file. You must be able to use this to be able to customize the Flash applets that are dependent on these types of files.

Open the file handler by clicking on the "File Folder" link. This is a popup window, if it doesn't show up, then you may be running an anti-popup software that is preventing it from displaying. The file handler looks like this:

The Advanced Effect Maker file handler

You have access to this file handler from the applet selection and applet editing pages. It exists for the following types of files that the system recognizes:

".SWF" Macromedia Flash Format (Editable, Downloadable, Viewable)
".JS" JavaScript SRC File (Editable, Downloadable, Viewable)
".FFT" Macromedia Generator Font Format (Not Viewable)
".JPEG,.JPG,.GIF" JPEG and GIF images (Viewable)
".MP3" Mp3 Sound Files (Viewable)
".???" Unknown file type

Folders have the icon . You can look at the files simply by clicking on their file names. At the bottom of the file handler, you will see the free space available on your personal folder. This total may vary depending on the type of account you have with us. When you create applets, it may be necessary to refresh the file list to see the files that the server has generated for you. You do that by clicking on the refresh button. If you want to copy fonts from our font collection of freeware fonts, then click on the link "copy fonts to your folder", see more information about copying fonts in the chapter about handling fonts.

Uploading files

At the top of the file handler, you have the upload function. Here you select the "Browse" button to select a file from your hard drive that you want to put on your folder. Select "upload" to upload it to the server. Click on Reset to clear the field.

NOTE : If you have problems uploading your files, this could be due to firewall or time out problems. Try using our e-mail uploader robot. You will be able to upload your files by e-mail instead. Click on "Click here if you have problems uploading" and follow the directions in that page.

Navigating in your folder

To navigate between sub folders, just press on the folder link. To move back to the top level when you are in a sub folder, you press on the "go to parent" link at the top.

Deleting files

To delete one or several files from the list. Select the files to be deleted and press the "delete selected files" button. You can also select sub folders to delete.

Creating subfolders

You can create one level sub folders in your personal account, you can put any kind of files there. When you do that, file fields in the VAC Dialog will show the folder name followed by a slash "/" and the file name.

Moving files

To move the files, you select the files you want to move, select the folder to move them to, and press "move files". Note that you can't move folders. To move the files to your top level, select the slash "/" instead.

Editing files

When you click on the edit button, you will switch to the VAC configuration dialog for that specific SWF file. Only SWF files may be edited. If you want to edit another type of file, then download the file first by right-clicking on it and selecting "Save File As". Then use an appropiate software to edit that file.

Downloading Files

If you want to download a SWF file you select the "Download (ZIP)" button next to the file you want to download, this should be a file ending with "SWF" for Flash applets and a file ending with ".JS" for JavaScript effects. The server will compress it using the zip format together with the corresponding HTML file which contains the tags to make the file work. You can use Winzip (Windows users), Stuffit (Mac users) or similar to unpack the zip file. See more information about this in the chapter: What to do with the downloaded file.

To download other files than SWF files, you will have to right-click on the file name link and select "Save as" to download the file. Currently, there is no other way to do this. For Mac users, click-hold, scroll down to "Save ... as" to download the file.















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