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Fonts are the trickier part of the Anfy Flash.

Using Fonts in Flash Applets

The fonts you use in our applets must be of a special format with the fft-extension (Macromedia Generator Font format). However, you can always use the system fonts: Times New Roman, Arial (or Verdana) and Courier. These are "built-in" into the applets. The applets would be somewhat boring if you could only use these fonts, so we are providing you with a multitude of freeware fonts that have been available to us from their creators. These were original True Type Fonts that have been converted to the purpose to be used within the Anfy Flash site. To protect the creators, these fonts may only be used within the Anfy Flash site (you will not have any use of them in other software anyway).

Selecting a font in the VAC Configuration Dialog

The font fields are usually located under the Fonts-tab in the VAC configuration dialog. It will look like this (when expanded):

This field will contain the three system fonts (_arial, _courier and _timesroman) in addition to the FFT fonts you have in your folder. Commercial users will have the option to copy fonts to their file folder by clicking on this option in the file handler. They will be able to select from our extensive collection of freeware fonts. Free users will only have access to a selected few FFT fonts (in addition to the system fonts) that we put in the general templates folder, which are used in the applet examples.

The difference between system fonts and FFT fonts

So, what's the difference between using the system fonts and the FFT fonts? The system fonts (_arial, _courier and _timesroman) will take up less space on your created SWF file. FFT fonts however, will be embedded into the SWF file. This means that by using these fonts, your file can swell significantly.

How to put your own fonts into your folder (Commercial accounts only)

Just upload the fonts you want to have converted to your account, the system will try to convert them and notify you about it. Note, at the moment the system does not support conversion of all fonts.

Using Fonts in JavaScript Effects

JavaScript effects work a bit different, the font specification varies from effect to effect. Note that you also can set the fonts on the effects by just editing the JS file, and they are largely dependent on where you put the <SCRIPT> tags.


















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