Manual > Adding Your Flash Effects Into PowerPoint

You can add most of our Flash effects into PowerPoint presentations and thus have fancy messengers and slide shows decorating your work.

Note! To be able to deploy PowerPoint presentations on a computer the computer has to contain the Flash Player 5 (or later). Today, most computers have this player installed.

Select Choose View > Toolbars > Control Toolbox. A small window with controls will appear, click on the tools icon:

Click on the tools icon that we have marked by the arrow

Select the "Shockwave Flash Object" option in the drop list that appears. Click and drag to set the area for the applet. You should make sure that it is roughly the same size as the applet.

Now right click on the area for the applet and select "properties". Select "..." in the "custom" field in the properties window that will appear for you. Now write the name of the SWF file you want to insert in the Movie URL field. Make SURE that the SWF file is in the same folder (same directory) as the powerpoint presentation, otherwise powerpoint won't be able to find it. Now the movie should be inserted into your powerpoint presentation.






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