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In order to be able to create a Flash applet or JavaScript effects, you must first select them. When you log in, you enter the applet directory page automatically. If you are not a commercial user, then you are limited to the freeware applets. As a commercial user, you can access the applets you are subscribing to in addition to the freeware applets.

Freeware users

When you select an applet, the applet will be copied into a temporary folder on our server. You can then make the configuration changes you want. When you test the applet, the applet will appear together with a link, so that you can download the applet and its corresponding HTML file. When you log out, the files will be deleted from the temporary folder.

Commercial users

When you select an applet, the applet will be copied into your folder, the file will generally be named "appletname1.swf" (or "appletname1.js" if you have selected a JavaScript effect). Dependent files that this applet uses will be copied too, this could be images and sounds. If your folder is full, then nothing will be copied. When you log off, the applet and the files will still be there in your folder. You can whenever you want edit the SWF or JS file again to make changes to that specific applet. Note that as a commercial user, you download the SWF or JS file directly in the file handler.

NOTE : For Flash applets, although the dependent files are needed and have to be in your folder when you are customizing and working with one specific applet, they are not always needed when you are going to put the applet on your page. Images and sounds will be embedded in the SWF file. Normally, you only have to have the HTML OBJECT tag and the SWF file to make an applet work on your folder. As for JavaScript effects, this is different, the files are bundled together with the JS in the downloading zip file.

















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