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Some Flash applets and JavaScript effects use tree structures for organizing the menu structure. This requires that their parameters are ordered in a tree structured way. A tree structure may be difficult to specify, but with the VAC Configuration Dialog tree field this is an easy task.

The tree field.

A tree field consists of a tree where all the tree items are displayed. On the right hand side of the field, there are the parameter fields and values for each item. The parameters of a tree applet may be very different, they can, for example, include selection fields, file fields, color buttons, text fields and check boxes. By clicking on one item in the tree, you can access the parameter values for that specific item. The values of the parameter fields will be updated in the tree structure when selecting another item. By clicking on the add child button, you add a subitem to an existing item. Clicking on the add sibling button, will add a new item to the end of the column. The delete button will delete the selected item and all the subitems.

















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