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In this tutorial, we will show you how to use the commercial applet ImageFader. Only commercial member accounts will be able to do this.

When you first log in through the start page, you will end up in the applet selection page after clicking "Click here to continue". Now click on the link saying "Slide Shows" and then "Image Processing Slide Shows", you will find "ImageFader". Now click on "Edit Applet".

A configuration dialog will appear, which we from now on in this tutorial we will call it the VAC Dialog. It will look like this:

In addition to the VAC Dialog, you will also have access to a file folder. Click on the "File folder" link at the right menu. These are the files that your personal file folder contains, it looks like this:

First we will start by uploading your files to your folder. You can either use the images that have been automatically copied into your folder when you selected the ImageFader applet and then ignore this step, or upload your own images. Click on "browse" (the button next to the "upload file" field) in the file folder. Select a JPEG or GIF image from your hard drive, make sure it has the extensions ".GIF", ".JPG" or ".JPEG" (this goes especially for the Macintosh users). Also make sure these images are not too large, because your folder space is limited and using big images will cause the SWF files to be enormous. After selecting the file, click on the "upload" button. After a moment, the field will be cleared and you can upload another file. See The File Handler section for more information about how to upload files.

Now start by setting the size of the Flash applet in the VAC Dialog. You can either keep the 300x200 pixel size or change it to whatever you want. But don't let it become too large though, this applet is very processor intensive. Let the file name be as it is and click on the "Color" tab. You will see the following dialog:

Let the background color remain black. Now click on the "Images" tab. You will see the following picture:

Here you can select the images that will be included in the slideshow. Click on the "..." button to select an image from your file folder. It's important that you put an equal number of images as you have URL:s (see more information about entering text and files in the section Entering Text Or Files). These URL:s will be invoked when someone clicks on the image at that line position. Click here if you need to know how to use the file field. Then press on the "Other" tab. You will see this:

You don't really need to change anything here, but you should know that these are settings for changing fading speed, the pause between each emerging image, the compression ratio, target frame and more.

You are almost finished! Just press the "Create Applet" button. A new window will open up with your Flash applet:

Now, if you want to download your created effect, then read more about it on the section Handling Files and What to do with the downloaded file. If you want to know more about ImageFader, then read the manual for it by clicking here.













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