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URL Links are a common component in Anfy Flash' applets. When typing in the URL address, you should include the http:// part in the front. But note that in most cases relative links will work (that is links without the http:// and the hostname), this is especially true for JavaScript effects. Also see Text Fields for more information about entering links.

Target Frame refers to the frame name where you want the URL link to be invoked. If not specified, the Flash applet may launch a whole new browser window. If your webpage does not use frames, then using the _self option will ensure that the visitors keep using the browser they are currently surfing with.

If you are using frames, then you may try some of these as well:

  • _self show in current frame
  • _parent show in parent frame
  • _top show in top-most frame
  • _blank show in new unnamed top-level window
NOTE : Freeware users will have a button appearing in the applet saying "Anfy Flash", this will be removed if you purchase a commercial account.





























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