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Create virtual tours of your house or surroundings. This effect will give you a realistic 3D view of your fisheye photos and even let you navigate through rooms or environments. Maybe you can even make a game out of it! It has the following features:

Supports both 180 and 360 degree pictures

Real 3D sense which can also be set by a "perspective angle"

Possibility to "connect" applets with each other by assigning navigation points in the picture which will either load a new html page or a new swf file.

Auto movement feature will navigate around the picture on inactivity

Supports image zoom which can be set to a maximum amount

Two navigation modes, in one you have to click on the image and in the other just move the mouse around to navigate

flash web site design ActionScript loadMovie command compatibility (Flash project insertion compatibility)

Version 1.1, last updated 2004-05-22

Developer : Anibal Wainstein


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