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This is the RotatingGallery flash applet, see your images rotating in circular movement. Their rotation speed and rotation sense is determined by the position of the mouse. When your customer clicks on an image, it suddenly zooms and the page at the relative link is opened!

You can set these options:

Size of the applet, of the images, of the text.

free flash web graphics Background (solid color or image) and text color.

Mouse sensitivity and animation speed

Two different click modes are supported for invoking the URLs. One requires single clicking on the thumbnail and the other two clicks.

flash web site design ActionScript loadMovie command compatibility (Flash project insertion compatibility)

Version 1.6, last updated 2005-11-07

Adaptation and Modifications for Anfy Flash : Marko Belic
Based on original GNU licensed code from : Jared Tarbell
(Click here to download FLA source)


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