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In the beginning...

...applets were small programs that were run in the user's web browser with something called a Java Virtual Machine. Today, we have other types of small programs that can be run in the browser too. Some of the technologies today are Java applets, Active-X objects, Flash and Shockwave. Java applets are still going strong and is used a lot by the web community. The first customizable Java applets were released in commercial form by companies such as Anfy Team.

Only Java applets were called applets, but since the word "applet" is meant to say "small application", then all these technologies could be called applets. However, customizable applets could only refer to Java and Active-X objects. That is, until now, before companies like Anfy Team started offering customizable Macromedia Flash effects. Now, Flash is a part of this group. By "customizable" we mean that you should be able to customize the applet using HTML parameters or by some software without having to re-program the applet.

What this means for you

With the Anfy Flash, you will be able to do any kind of customization, which makes Flash just as powerful as Java applets. This also means that you don't need to use Macromedia Flash to make your own Flash effects. Just select the Flash effect you need from our growing collection. Anfy Flash has been described as very easy to use by our users. You only need to know some basic HTML code or know how to use an HTML editor such as FrontPage or Dreamweaver.




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