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Be careful with the image sizes

Each image is embedded into the Flash swf files as JPEG files. This means that the Flash file could easily grow to a big size. Also put yourself in your web site visitors place, you wouldn't like to download a big effect file each time you enter a web site, right? This also applies to fonts, effects with embedded fonts are generally larger than effects that use the normal system fonts. However, this may give you only an extra size of 10-30 kbytes, depending on the font. The font size will not affect the SWF file size.

Maximum number of objects

There is a limitation in the Flash player that puts a limit on the number of objects you can have in a flash file to maximum 200. An object could be an image in imagefader or a text line in verticalscroller. Look carefully at each applet's help file to see its limits. For instance, putting 200 images in imagefader would cause it to crash.

Don't put too much on a single web page

Some web designers may act like boys with a new toy when getting access to a service like this, and they will put effects all over their page. However, we do not recommend putting more than 2-3 Flash or Java effects on a single web page. Some effects are processor intensive and putting too many on one page will cause a "competing effect", that is that the effects will compete for system resources and everything will run slowly. Note that a web site visitor may have a slow computer, and the computer you design your site on may be very fast. But if you stick to the rule of putting few effects on a single page, you'll be fine. Also, a page with too many effects may also annoy your visitors.

A large effect area may slow down the effect

Be careful when you specify the applet window size in pixels. The bigger window, the more the computer displaying it will have to work. If you need to have a large window and you note that you are stressing the limits, then make sure you don't put more flash effects on that specific page. Also make sure someone with a slower computer may enjoy the effect. You could simulate a slower computer by putting two or three windows next to each other with the web page you want to test.


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